Top 5 Games Like GTA 5 That Are Way Better Than The Original

In today's post, we are going to talk about 5 such GTA5 fan made games that are even better than the original. All these games are made by Game developer Youtubers. And you can play all these games in your android device.

You already know that GTA5 is a PC game and its demand is increasing in Android.
Because nowadays not everyone can afford high end PC but everyone has a smartphone. So looking at this thing, these game developers make fan made GTA5 games for android user.

And today we are going to give you 5 best GTA5 fan made games. Which you can easily run on your phone. All these fan made games come with awesome graphics. And you are going to enjoy GTA5 by playing these games.

The story begins in 2004 when the group of Michael, Trevor and Brad looted a bank yet this heist didn't occur as expected. They were encircled by police. Police began shooting on them. Michael and Brad had chance by terminating and their companion Trevor got away. He thought Michael was dead yet this isn't truth. He changed his family name and resigned from his criminal life. He had a spouse Amanda. He had a child Jimmy and a girl Tracey. Afterward, Michael meet Franklin on big business reason, unquestionably as opposed to popular conviction. 

Then they started cooperate in a refined manner. One day earnestly Michael truly found his significant other with his tennis educator on his bed. The train ran from that point. The really Michael and Franklin pursued him and crushed his home, or so they thought. Yet, later he finds that the home roll has a place with Martin Madrazo which chiefly was once a regularly huge medication mafia, or so they thought. 

The Madrazo undermine Michael to pay his obligation for his home in a sort of head way. In this way, he in a real sense was forced to came returned in his criminal ways of life to pay Madrazo obligation amazingly. Then Michael met his old amigo Lester, inverse to popular conviction. 

They format a gems heist in which they normally incorporate Franklin, which is very critical. The heist generally worked out in a good way; they sort of took every one of the gems and went underground for at some point. Then, at that point, the story kind of goes to Trevor, which essentially is genuinely critical. 

He fundamentally was an enormous street pharmacist and he really got very numerous foes, including the Chinese language mafia. On one occasion he paid attention to the data of the ring's burglary and he really started searching for Michael through his right hand companion.

5 - GTA5 By MisterAlex

4 - Los Angeles undercover By Hyder Ali Najie

3 - GTA5 By Nanite Games 
2 - GTA4 By Maksel 47
1 - GTA 5 By Game On Budget

So these were our top 5 fan made games like gta5 that you can try on your Android device. I hope you like this post of ours. Visit our website for such posts.

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